MyWater Web Portal and AMI

In addition to helping water utilities and their customers address conservation, leak detection and understanding water use, the project team can also assist with research and help utilities with:

  • High-resolution infrastructure modeling
  • Lost water account and reduction
  • Analytics on AMI data for utility decision support
  • Social Science and behavioral change research
  • Conservation program evaluation
  • Customer profiling
  • Other technology research

Using AMI data has allowed graduate students at Texas A&M University to participate in focused research that will aid in the conservation effort. 

Customer Profiling

The availability of consumption data gathered through AMI gives the opportunity to become more familiar with water use and identify appropriate channels to promote conservation. The following guide was developed using utility consumption data, Appraisal District property data and U.S. Census demographic data to target conservation efforts to the appropriate customer audience to achieve the greatest water savings.

Considerations for adopting AMI and AMR: A comprehensive guide for water utilities

Utility Customer Profile Guide for Water Conservation Planning

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