MyWater Web Portal and AMI

MyWater Helps Utilities

  • Improve customer service by helping utilitiy customers:
    • Access their own water use information
    • Understand how they use water
    • Identify potential leaks and other problems
  • Directly connect to customers with information about conservation and water education
  • See what customers see, via the customer dashboard view, to improve service

Screenshot 1

MyWater Customer Dashboard View

MyWater Enables Customers

Customers will have the ability to:

  • View and download monthly, daily, hourly water use
  • Move back and forth easily between multiple accounts
  • Experience better customer service by understanding usage and how bills are calculated
  • Verify usage and bills without having to contact a call center
  • Identify usage trends, and when water and monetary savings may be achieved
  • Identify high usage events
  • Identify leaks
  • Access conservation education materials
  • Have information pushed directly to them

Daily usageDaily Water Usage

Hourly usageHourly Water Usage

MyWater Web Portal Abilities

  • Graphic display of information in gallons used or cost to the customer
  • Drill down feature for monthly, daily, hourly usage with associated costs in graphic or chart display
  • Clear and effective presentation of usage information and cost
  • Display of predicted billing cycle use and cost
  • Ability to manage various accounts and set water use limits for each
  • Notifications for high water use and potential leaks
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